October 19, 2008

Riley is in the hospital

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Riley had a bad night last night, so we were both awake for most of the evening as the poor guy couldn't even keep water down. Finally I got up at 5am and called the local emergency pet clinic and they told me to bring him in at 9am during the doctor's shift. I ended up bringing him in earlier as he was doing so poorly. He was immediately admitted and given an IV to rehydrate him. They also completed a battery of tests to try to determine what was ailing him. It turns out his PCV (packed cell volume) was 70 when it should be around 30ish. That means he had too many red blood cells and not enough fluid - like having sludge going through your veins... a very serious condition.

He's been in the emergency hospital all day and the latest report is he's doing well and hasn't lost any more fluids. They'll test his PCV again at 10pm tonight and will also try to introduce water again. If the test improves and he doesn't expel the water, there's a chance he could come home. Otherwise, I'll have to transfer him to our local vet tomorrow morning. More to come. Please keep the little guy in your prayers.

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  1. I'm so sorry to see that your adorable baby is going through this. Pets - it is so hard to watch them going through pain. I feel for you! Hope everything turns around soon!

    Take Care!
    Kelly O