November 03, 2008

I've voted!

When I got new California driver's license (when we moved back to CA from London, I still had my Washington license so I had to turn it in and take the test to get my CA license), I also signed up to get my ballot by mail.  I'm glad I did as some of the propositions were confusing - for example, No on Prop 8 means you're in favor of marriage rights for all, including gay marriage.  I would have thought that would be a "Yes" but it's a "No" so I'm glad I did my research and voted correctly.  I also voted for animal rights "Yes on Prop 2" and for the Sonoma-Marin public transport "Meansure Q." 

If you're wondering who I voted for for President - well, the sign we've had in our front yard for months would give you a clue...  Obama for President!

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