November 06, 2008

Lizard in da house

Lizard in da house, originally uploaded by kathyjohnson.

Here's Lizzy. I saw her hanging out in the house a few months ago and figured she was probably a good addition since we occasionally get crickets roaming around in the summer. First she was loitering in the hallway downstairs. Then I found her sunning herself in Olivier's room. For the last month or so, she's been living in our bedroom. I typically find her in the afternoon either on the floor, basking in the sunshine, or on the screen of the sliding glass door, as seen here.

She's quite friendly - I once had to pick her up as she fell inside my bathtub and couldn't get out. I also tried to catch her once to let her out, but she then decided to scramble away (guess she prefers hanging out with us homies).

Now that autumn has appeared and the crickets seem to be disappearing, I'm wondering whether I should supplement Lizzy's food supply (letting crickets go free in the bedroom isn't an option though) or let her out. But it's cold and wet now... Poor thing would get chilly. Maybe I'll just buy an electric lizard-warming rock and see how it goes.

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