November 17, 2008

Yves St Laurent party at the De Young Museum

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Last Thursday, we went to the De Young Museum (for the first time... ever) to attend the YSL party celebrating the only US stop of the YSL retrospective featuring designs and collections from this amazing designer. We had access to the VIP party which meant we got to nosh on delectable delights like filet mignon wrapped around black truffle and green beans, smoked salmon and caviar canapes, and lots of lovely cocktails like pomegranate martinis. After hanging in the VIP lounge, we went downstairs to check out the exhibition. The party itself was in the main lobby area of the De Young, which currently features this systematic landscape by Maya Lim. It was juxtaposed by a huge Gerhard Richter in the background. I was fascinated by the Lim, as apparently they have to build it piece-by-piece, each time the exhibit moves. That's a lot of work!

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