December 02, 2008

Back home

Museum of Glass, Tacoma, WAImage by kathyjohnson via FlickrJust returned from Tacoma to Ross today and was elated to find blue sky.  When we touched down in Seattle on Wednesday, there was a bit of sun left as it set on the horizon, but the dark clouds were looking a bit ominous.  The rest of the time we were there was cloudy and drizzly.  So we did a lot of lounging and lazing around (and eating).  I kept thinking I'd fast for 3 days and exercise 12 hours a day when we returned.  So let's see how long that idea lasts ;-)

Here's a pic from a previous visit to Tacoma - my mom and Dominic were strolling across the Bridge of Glass to the Chihuly Museum of Glass.  Cool architecture.

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