December 31, 2008

Beach stroll at sunset

Zihua 012, originally uploaded by kathyjohnson.

We just watched the sun descend into the ocean. It's always so wonderful to see the golden sun slowly disappear as it sinks into the sea, dipping lower until you can only see a tiny sliver that disappears like the flame going out on a candle. Then the sky alights with reds and oranges and pinks as the blue sky salutes the end of the day. So we watched as the last 2008 sunset provided a beautiful performance to mark the end of the year.

Meanwhile, stages are set up on the beach for the bands that will be playing and loads of fireworks are being set up to light up the sky at midnight.

We're sending you wishes across the ocean waves from Mexico to you. May 2009 bring you days of joyous gratitude full of health, love and laughter.

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