December 26, 2008

Swimming with dolphins on Christmas Day

It was one of the most magical moments of my entire life. We weren't sure what to expect with our dolphin experience, especially as we were met with loads of other people in a tourist-like compound. We were given life vests and taken to a large "Seaworld-like" pool where we could see dolphins frolicking about. We were then asked to jump into the pool and were given instructions by the trainer.

At first, we petted the dolphins as they swam by (two 19 year old males). Then, we were able to swim with them as they came up from underneath and we grabbed their fins and held tight as they swam the length of the pool on their back with each one of us taking turns holding on while getting a private ride with a dolphin. We played some more with them - they splashed us and we splashed them back, they made noises and clapped, etc. We then had a photo moment where we kissed them, they danced with us and both posed for a photo with us each individually.

Finally, we were told to swim to the edge of the pool for another exercise. I volunteered first and was told to swim out with my feet straight behind me and my arms outstretched. The two dolphins then swam up underneath, put their nose in the arches of my feet and started swimming faster and faster as I was eventually raised high out of the water before splashing back down. Dominic and I were both incredulous that we got to spend so much time playing with these amazing dolphins. We were both giddy the entire time and still are pinching ourselves that we were able to be so close and get to know them. Merry Christmas indeed!!!

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