January 02, 2009

Happy New Year!!!

Zihua 016, originally uploaded by kathyjohnson.

We had a great table on the beach, right in front of the entertainment so we could fully enjoy the food, wine and music (and UFO!). The weather was balmy as we buried our feet in the warm sand before heading to the beach to watch the fireworks display. After the show, we returned back to dance the night away and we realized that salsa is great exercise!

Our first day of the year was spent languidly lounging on the beach, sleeping in, having terrific Mexican food and a nice chilled glass of wine. Today was pretty much the same - floating on the gentle ocean waves, my hair and body drying with a seasalt crust in the warm sun, getting a golden brown tan. But tomorrow, we embark on our journey home. First a flight to Denver and then to SF. It has a been a great holiday and a well needed break. A great start to 2009!

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