February 21, 2009

The Secret

Last year, a friend from one of our restaurant haunts wanted to give me some CDs that impacted her.  I ripped them and finally got around to listening to a bit of one on a trip to Seattle for Christmas.  I was intrigued by the basic premise but wasn't convinced on the presentation.  Anyway, it led me to buy the book "The Secret" and I took it - and my MP3 filled with these talks on the Law of Attraction - with us to Mexico.  I must say, there is most definitely truth behind the Law of Attraction and the tenents of The Secret.  Essentially, the Law of Attraction goes like this:  thoughts become things.  Or more precisely, if you think it, and believe it, it will be.  Of course, we can discuss that in great detail, but I have tried to be more conscious of the Law - to avoid bad attracting bad things and continue and accelerate attracting good things.

I decided to enter a charity raffle for a $2M house giveaway in Marin, based on "knowing" that I'd already won the house.  Well, I guess I didn't think hard enough, but that's not stopping me.  A lot of great things have been happening - at first I thought serendipitously.  But I know now it's because my thoughts are manifesting into actions.  In times like these, if we all moved our mental molecules in a positive direction, imagine where we could take the world.

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