May 17, 2010

Serendipity calls. Groupon offered a private flight lesson today. I bought! Can't wait!

Ever since I worked with Flugwerkzeuge Aviation (don't even try to pronounce it...) in Vienna, Austria, I've been fascinated with aviation. I met lots of pilots, dispatchers and execs from the major international airlines and learned all about what's involved in creating a flight plan for a ETOPS aircraft crossing the ocean. I've been in the cockpit of a British Airways 747 before as we crossed Russian airspace, and also got to sit in the cockpit of a Qantas jet landing in Melbourne Airport (both experiences were sooo cool). But I've never taken the wheel, so to speak. So, when I saw Groupon's Side Deal of the Day today, a 30 minute lesson with, I jumped at it. I can't wait to take my lesson!

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