January 23, 2011

Aloha Kona! It was great running with you!

I'm proud to say I've kept up my training while here in Hawaii.  I thought I might get seduced by the soft, sandy beach, or the cool and beckoning pool, but I was able to resist for a bit, as I headed out each morning, except for one, to explore the area around the Fairmont Orchid Hotel here in Kona.  After a couple of days, I felt like a regular - seeing some of the people each morning as well, braving the strong morning sun to get in some exercise before it become intolerable.  Most days I ran along the roads here, and one day I even ran along the highway, which wasn't very fun, but I had to get in a lot of miles and didn't feel like doing back-and-forth five times.
I was baptized in sweat, feeling purified by the cleansing I received from the inside out.  Regrettably, my iPhone 3GS didn't enjoy the drenching, but the good news is that I was able to get a second-hand iPhone 4 at the local Radio Shack, so all went well.
I'm all packed now and ready to head back to the Bay Area.  Back to cooler temps, long sleeved shirts, and maybe even back to wearing my beanie vs. visor.  Counting down the weeks to the Los Angeles Marathon on Sunday, March 20th.

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