January 30, 2011

And the skies released their load... as soon as I got far enough from home without a rain coat :-P

Stepped outside and thought, "Wow, it's actually warmer than I thought! Think I'll head back in and change from my running gear into a vest, shorts and t-shirt." After the switcheroo, I headed out for a relaxed 10 mile run. About 5 minutes into it, it starts to sprinkle. Then it starts to pour. I'm talkin' the skies opened up and Niagara was falling out... My shorts clung to my legs for their wet, dear, life; feeling (and looking) rather sad and depressing. Water poured from my visor. My shoes were soaked, squirting water out from the soles with each step. And, to make matters worse, after drowning my iPhone 3GS in Hawaii last week (from my, um, mild perspiration), I thought my new phone would surely soon be a goner with all this rain. So I found a bag on the side of the road and covered my phone to protect it from the moisture and trudged onwards. As I reached the final miles to home, the rains let up and it was back to sprinkles. Here's hoping for a drier run next time! 

(The photo is from my running journal.)

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  1. I always carry an umbrella with me, tucked into my work bag. On the rare occasions that I forget the umbrella - it will rain for sure! And the bus will be late!