July 15, 2011

Zoe Nature's Michael Mountain blogging on Orcas


I'm a big fan of Zoe Nature, a website devoted to animals and the world of nature.

This week, Editor-in-Chief Michael Mountain is blogging about orcas from a conference on San Juan Island in the Pacific Northwest.

The first entry is about the birthday party that was held on the island for Grandma J2 – the matriarch of the “J” clan of orcas. It was her 100th birthday (she's in the photo above).

While no one knows exactly when Grandma J2 was born, the whale researchers can give a fairly good estimate, and they’ve figured out that she must have been born around 1911. Hers is an amazing story.

The visit includes outings with the orcas, presentations from some of the world’s experts on orcas, and other fun stuff.

You can learn more about J2 and news from the trip at zoenature.org.

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