September 25, 2006

Arriving in San Diego for DEMO

We are in San Diego now, to attend a tech conference called DEMO. It's quite famous for being the launch pad for a lot of great technologies to be presented for the first time to the public (the audience for DEMO consists of venture capitalists, entrepreneurs, execs and loads of journalists).

We've been invited as guests of our friend Chris Shipley, who is a truly smart and wonderful woman. She's the ultimate networker in that she knows everyone, but she's also sweet and very sincere and humble too. Chris has another conference called Innovate!Europe, which she's invited us to both times, but we haven't been able to make it, so we're happy to support her here.

We're also attending because we are watching over a company that we've been advising. But can't say much about that due to the grumpy lawyers... :-P

The pictures posted here are from the venue of DEMO - the lovely Sheraton San Diego - across from North Island US Naval Station (pictured above). I took some other pics too - warships floating by, more helicopters, etc. as Olivier loves that stuff!

I'll be bringing my camera to the event tomorrow so come back for more scenes from DEMO!
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