September 23, 2006

Summer, Salad and San Francisco

True to form, summer in San Francisco really starts in September... unbeknownst to most of the tourists that visit the city-by-the-bay in July and August (and consequently freeze their butts off as they stroll around in shorts and t-shirts while the wet fog whips around at 40mph).

Anyway, I had lunch on Friday at Chaya on the Embarcadero with my friend Howard Hartenbaum of Draper Richards (below), and since it was so beautiful, I decided to take this tableside shot for you. Howard invited his colleague Rhonda, whom I immediately hit it off with. It's nice to meet new girlfriends, since even though I used to live in SF before, my friendship network has changed significantly since a lot of people moved after the first big dotcom bubble. Posted by Picasa

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