November 24, 2008

David Hiller photos of rock legends - the most incredible holiday gift

When Dominic and I were last in Napa with Riley, we saw a huge fluffy dog at the resort and restaurant that caught our eye.  As it is with dog owners, we learned to spot the dog before we got to know the owners, but eventually, it all came together when Riley and the giant dog were rolling around in the grass together.  The next day, I met the owners - a wonderful couple from Seattle.  We talked a bit about photography, as David was sporting a large SLR camera and mentioned shooting in "RAW" (I don't know a whole lot about photography, but I do know that I shouldn't shoot in RAW at my level).  Subsequently, we exchanged details and stayed in touch - culimating in an incredible surprise.  David saw one of my previous posts about being an adoring Neil Diamond fan and sent me a photo he shot of Neil in 1969.  I was over the moon!!!  And now, every time somebody comes over and sees my Neil photo, they ask about the story... So, now you know... David Hiller has shot some of the most famous rock legends ever:  Hendrix, Clapton, Rod Stewart, Cream, Fleetwood Mac, to name a few.  Oh, and he's shot Angelina Jolie and Bill Gates, among others as well.  And Riley, the wonder corgi.

If you're thinking about what to give that special somebody - I recommend a signed photo, printed on archival material from David.  Check it out here.

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