November 19, 2008

Our Silent Auction bootie from Devils Gulch Ranch

On Sunday, we stopped by the Marin Farmer's Market to pick up a few things and to see Mark Pasternak (in photo: Left: Devil's Gulch Program Director Brian King; Right: Mark Pasternak) of Devil's Gulch Ranch, as we had won a few of the silent auction items from the fundraising event to benefit the ranch's incredible educational services for kids and summer camp.  There were some pretty cool items that we won - three bottles of Marin wine, a gift certificate for lunch or dinner at Cafe Reyes (I've never been there before so I'm curious to check it out), a gift certificate for our local Wipe Out Bar and Grill (a fave of Olivier and Riley), a giant homemade sausage from the chef at Kuleto's, and finally, a "Be a chef for the day at Kuleto's" experience.  The last one is going to be quite amusing, as it means we'll be dressed in chef whites and will be helping Executive Chef Robert Helstrom in the kitchen as he prepares food for the guests coming into the restaurant.  At the end, we'll finally sit down to enjoy a full meal and will also receive an autographed copy of the chef's cookbook "Contemporary Italian."  I'm sure Dominic will shine like a star in the kitchen.  Heck, he'll probably be offered a job as Asst Executive Chef.  As for me, they'll probably toss me in the back to do the dishes.  Which is okay, as long as I get to eat what they prepare!

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