December 16, 2008

Going to Hawaii? Don't bring Macadamia Nuts back for your dog

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 I didn't know that dogs shouldn't eat macadamia nuts or raisins, so I thought I'd share highlights from this article...

From USA Today:  Help your pet avoid the perils of Christmas

• Macadamia nuts. Rover snarfs a bowlful and within hours is completely paralyzed. Can't move an inch. Many owners, believing the dog has had a stroke, choose euthanisia. But actually the dog will recover on its own in 72 hours. So before making a hasty decision, consider whether macadamia nuts may have been consumed.
• Raisin cookies. Raisins are highly toxic to many dogs. So if yours gets a boxful, or a chunk of raisin-studded fruitcake, or any like product with raisins (or even a bowl of grapes), get to a veterinarian fast. Rapid intervention is crucial.
• Tree-stand water. It quickly becomes a breeding pool for all kinds of bacteria; it also might contain fertilizer, pesticides or other chemicals from the tree. Prevent slurping by stretching aluminum foil across the bowl (cats hate that) and then covering it with the tree skirt, taped to the trunk.
• Tinsel and ribbons. Very attractive to cats, mylar and other flexible shiny strips can, if swallowed, shred their innards or wrap around intestines. Surgery is probably necessary.
• Xylitol. The sweetener used in sugarless gums and mints can rapidly cause liver failure in dogs. So place visitors' purses, coats and luggage high enough that probing canines can't reach. Same goes for guests' medicines. Human med ingestion, in fact, is the most frequent cause of ER visits.
• Pine needles. If swallowed, they can puncture intestines.
• Lilies. They're toxic to cats. Keep them out of the house. If an arrangement arrives, pull lilies out and deliver them to a cat-free home.
• Holly and mistletoe. Both are potentially toxic and should be kept from pets. Poinsettias, despite the reputation, aren't fatal (but can cause intestinal upset).
• Booze. Don't let dogs lick eggnog, beer or spilled wine. Dogs don't metabolize booze well. They don't understand being high, and it panics them

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