December 08, 2008

Opening the heart

 Photo of some purple tulips during sunset. Tak...Image via WikipediaToday I had my final interview to be a volunteer for Hospice by the Bay, and I'm happy to report I've been accepted.  I picked up my photo badge and official bag, so I will be starting my "work" next year.  Meanwhile, I wanted to share this poem we received during our training, as I thought it was profoundly moving:

Opening the Heart
by Margaret Ruth Allen

Consider this purple tulip
sitting in a vase on the kitchen window sill.

Every morning
she unfurls to the light
then gently closes at dusk.

Her fidelity to natural rhythm persisting
though stem is cut from root.
the closer she approaches
the end of her mortal life,
the wider she flings open
her glossy petals
until finally
she reveals without reserve
the full golden glory
of her devoted heart.

She does not constrict her unfoldment
though the night is coming
that has no earthly dawn.

Oh my friend
can we do less
than this fearless flower?

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