January 03, 2011

How I heard about Freedom is Not Free (shout out to Ed) (and Joon to get me to run for a cause)

I just realized I didn’t mention how I heard about this admirable organization, which is a story in of itself.

This past summer, when I was training for the New York Marathon, I was on one of my long Sunday runs and was crossing the Golden Gate Bridge, feeling good and strong.  I thought I’d notch my speed up a bit on the down-slope of the bridge and clocked a sub-7 minute mile pace.  I was feeling like an invisible speed demon.  Then, this tall, fit guy whizzes past me like he’s on a Sunday stroll.  DANG!  All I noticed were his fluorescent shoes padding up and down in front of me.  I thought I’d pace him for a little bit, which meant I was almost at full sprint.  As we turned a hairpin corner, he turned around and we started to talk (actually, I was just trying to catch my breath).  We ended up running together for a couple of miles, as he told me he was training for an upcoming run across the entire United States.  Say what?!  Yep, this dude was going to run over 3,200 miles.  Why do that crazy feat?  Well, he was running for a cause.  For fallen soldiers and their families.  The cause was FREEDOM IS NOT FREE.

After the run, I got home and eventually found his blog, Ed Roshitsh’s Run Across America.  We also became Facebook friends where I got to see his funny posts and pictures of his training.  During one Facebook exchange about my decision to run the LA Marathon, my friend Joon commented that I should run for a cause.  I thought, hey, maybe I could support’s Ed cause, FREEDOM IS NOT FREE.  I’m not running 3,200 miles, but I do feel good about running to raise money and awareness for Purple Heart recipients and their families.

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