June 16, 2011

Will espresso and 5-hour energy be enough?

After getting smoked by a 60-something year old in gardening hat on the track a few weeks ago (I swear she was running a 6 minute mile!), I’m about to get out there again and give the track speedwork session another try.  Yep, a bit nervous, I must say.  But I have an excuse if I come in last again – I pulled my right thigh muscle two days ago and abstained from running yesterday to give it a rest so I’m not sure if I’ll be feeling ready for sprints today or not (depends on how much I pulled it… and how weany I want to be). 

Anyway, I’ve had 2 double-shots of espresso, a sugar-laden Cinnabon Cream-of-Wheat packet, and will soon have a 5-hour energy shot too.  Let’s see if that gets my turbo chargers firing, or if I just crash and burn.

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