February 04, 2009

Lizzy and Birdbrain

BIRDBRAIN, originally uploaded by kathyjohnson.

Perhaps you remember me writing about Lizzy the lizard last year.  She made her way into our bedroom (a wild lizard) and lived there through the summer and into the fall.  She was very tame and friendly and seemed to be doing quite well.  We ended up getting a warming stone for her and placed it on the floor.  When we came back from Mexico she didn't seem so happy anymore.  I picked her up and warmed her - she sat quietly in my hand and I could tell her life force was leaving.  By the next morning, she was gone.  I still miss our little Lizzy.

But now, it seems that Mark has attracted our next wild friend.  Behold Birdbrain! (I'll let you decide which one I'm referring to...).  Apparently the bird flew into our office and is using Mark's head as a landing pad.  Just hope he doesn't use his head for anything else.  I wonder if Mark will have an egg on his noggin tomorrow?

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